Types of Hydraulic Equipments

Hydraulic oil pumping, hydraulic fluid transfer, hydraulic pump jacks, and hydraulic construction equipment are just some of the numerous hydraulic equipments in use. The number of companies manufacturing these hydraulic equipments is also increasing. Because of its wide applications, a wide range of industries, both private and public, make use of these hydraulic equipments. Therefore, there is need to familiarize workers with this type of hydraulic equipment before they work on a certain task. This article will help you better understand this type of hydraulic equipment and its most important functions.

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One of the most important hydraulic equipments used in many industries today is the pump jacks or hydraulic pumps. Pump jacks, which are commonly used as hydraulic fluid transfer devices, are mainly used for transferring liquid hydraulic fluid from one location to another, whether it is for a storage tank or a pressure vessel. These hydraulic pumps are usually controlled via a control line that is either operated manually or electronically. Some of these pumps feature safety mechanisms such as overload protection, overpressure protection, and refrigerant level release. Most of these pump jacks have adjustable shut-off valves; therefore, the operator can set the shut-off valve according to the need https://hydro-tek.vn/san-pham/bo-nguon-thuy-luc/.

Another commonly used hydraulic fluid transfer device is the hydraulic fluid transfer pumps. Hydraulic fluid pumps are used for hydraulic fluid transfer systems for pumping water or other fluids such as air into tanks. These types of hydraulic pumps have high pressure pumps that force hydraulic fluid through piping lines that are attached directly to the source of water. In addition, these pumps have high capacity pumps that are capable of pumping massive amounts of fluid.

The third type of hydraulic pump used in many industries is the pressure transfer system. This type of hydraulic pump is used for pumping water into large water tanks. The pressure tank is usually larger than the bore pipe that is required in the hydraulic fluid transfer process. This type of machine has an in-line control system and pump that allow it to maintain the exact pressure of water that it pumps. The pressure tank of this machine is usually located on the premises of the actual production facilities. However, these types of machines have many different types of accessories that can be added to increase their efficiency and power.

The fourth type of hydraulic fluid transfer device is the vacuum source. This is a special type of machine that is not only used for its function of suction but also for the production of suction under pressure. These machines are very similar to the pressure pumps since they function by suction and not by pressure.

Lastly, the fifth type of hydraulic fluid transfer device is the fluid transfer gear. This is a gear driven pump that can produce and deliver high volumes of hydraulic fluid directly to a hydraulic fluid line. It is usually used when there is a need for complete filling of a line with hydraulic fluid.

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