The Remington Varmint Alaskan Ti

Like all incarnations of the Remington 700 model, the Remington Varmint Alaskan TI is a bolt-action rifle. Remington 700 SPS Originally based upon the early 721 and 722 series, it has been consistently developed over the years, and more lately focused on making use of ultra modern technologies to offer it’s owner an extremely high quality piece of kit.

The Remington Varmint range has been long established, the Alaskan TI for sale on the market today comes in a wide range of calibres. The one we where fortunate enough to get our hands on is in.300 WSM form, and we setup the TI with Talley lightweight mounts accompanied by a Leupold VX-III 2.5×8 scope. Both of these have proven field tested reliability and are used in various roles including military and law enforcement. The scope used comes with side focus parallax adjustment for focusing from fifty yards and beyond. Also included with it came stock flip up lense covers and an adjustment wrench. Ammunition used was federal factory with 180-grain Barnes TSX bullets.

The first thing that immediately jumps out at us is the balance of the rifle. The handling is quite frankly, superb. We were used to the feel of the old 700 Remington range, but this latest model certainly took advantage of some subtle, yet noticeable design features. We had no problem working with the rifle and found it to shoot extremely well.

The Remington Alaskan Titanium main feature’s are the light-weight barrel and the titanium receiver, which comes tapped and drill mounted. One criticism of the previous TI’s was that they lacked accuracy when using the Magnum contour barrel, we tested the rifle in both long and short form and found ourselves on target pretty much straight out of the box.

TheĀ Remington VarmintĀ Alaskan TI is certainly a lightweight rifle, it weighs in at just six and a quarter pounds when working in long action, and a straight six when in short action. If your target is elk or bear I would recommend going for the 270 or 300 WSM if your looking for short action and a 300 win mag for long. However if you are going all out, choose the three hundred for the short bolt to get the distance and power of that 300 mag. Doing this would certainly get you some serious ballistics and you’ll be able to make use of use of bigger, heavier grained bullets to boot. This model also comes with a thumb safety feature which is mounted to help keep everything safe.

As we examine the Remington model 700 stock, we are comfortable that any short action stock will fit, an important advantage to have whilst out in the field. If we planned to go tactical, and had the money, a McMillian stock would always be a fine choice. The spiral-cut flute is extremely smooth in action and as can be expected, highly resistant to high altitude winter weather conditions.

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