The New Google Adsense Referral System (Increases Revenue For Webmasters)

Google has recently announced a Referral Program for its
targeted ad delivery system – Google Adsense. Webmasters
can now earn an extra Google Play Codes Generator for each new referral they
deliver to Google Adsense, one condition, that referral
must earn at least $100 from the AdSense Program.

Webmasters can also receive $1 for each download of the
Firefox browser with the Google Toolbar. Generally,
very good news for webmasters and content creators working
the AdSense program. Bad news for Gates and IE – the
Firefox browser has gradually taken away users from IE. reports usage worldwide of Firefox has increased
by nearly 3 percent since April 2005, with global usage
share now at 11.5 percent for Firefox.

Perhaps, the fall out from the ongoing battle for control
of the Web’s search market will be of some benefit to
webmasters. Google has now increased or given webmasters
another revenue stream within the AdSense program.
Granted this is only a one time payment and not a two tier
system where webmasters would continue to earn a small
percentage of their referrals’ earnings. This may be a missed
opportunity by Google to really explode the AdSense system.

For now, the Google Referral program is a good start in the
right direction. Many webmasters and marketers are having
an early Christmas with the announcement of this referral

Google AdSense is a simple and effective way for ordinary
webmasters to monetize their sites. Webmasters place the
AdSense code on their sites and Google delivers targeted
ads based on the keywords of the sites. The main key to
generating a large monthly income from AdSense lies mainly
in the choice of keywords a webmaster decides to display
on his/her webpages.

All keywords are not created equal. Some are worth more
to advertisers and thus Google pays more to webmasters
for certain keywords than others. The trick for webmasters
is to deliver large amounts of traffic to the top-paying
keywords. What are these top paying keywords you ask?

One simple way to find the top paying keywords is to use
a site like to find out what advertisers are
willing to pay for certain keywords. Just use common
sense — higher priced items will have usually pay the most.
Web hosting vs a toothbrush. Once they have chosen their
keywords, webmasters must create content rich pages
or sites related to these keywords or phrases.

You then have to place your Google AdSense code in the most
beneficial positions on your pages. Check with Google for
Optimization Tips for some of the best paying placements here: 

Google AdSense is not a perfect system, placing these
ads on your sites could draw away potential customers
or buyers and result in lost sales for your site.
Besides just placing the ‘Ads by Gooooooogle’ on a well
designed webpage detracts from the professional quality
of your pages. Why Google introduced this for its ads
defies reason. A simple ‘Ads by Google’ would suffice.

Many webmasters believe placing AdSense ads on their
pages cheapens their sites. Other believe it is delivering
valuable links and service to their visitors. No matter
what your opinion may be, Google AdSense is definitely
a simple and easy way to monetize your site.

The addition of the Referral program will only add to
the popularity of AdSense with webmasters. Increased
revenue is never a bad thing. However, Google should have
opened their pocketbooks just a little wider and
given content creators a bigger portion of the Internet’s
ever growing ad revenue.

Google should have given the referral program some
residual kick, with webmasters earning a small fraction
of each referral’s future earnings. What a missed opportunity
for Google to really play Santa and give webmasters what they

Webmasters must now lobby Google, and any other ad delivery
programs and companies for a bigger share in the revenue
generated by their referrals. Fair is fair! Perhaps, the
competition from other ad delivery systems will force Google

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