Success Working From Home With Facebook And Webtraffic 3.0

Being an entrepreneur means there’s no option of giving up. Challenges are the very essence by which we grow.

Get Traffic 3.0

To get traffic straight to your fan-page its a complete mentality shift requirement. When you are marketing on Facebook its not like marketing on Google, Yahoo, MSN or really any other media that you’re used to using.

When you’re marketing on Facebook you’ve got to think what the social atmosphere is like. “What will actually interest people that I can tap into through my network?”

“Its the back-end of your following, the back end of your leads where you’re going to create your wealth” Jonathan Budd, October 2010.

You simply must understand the deeper principles to marketing that diffuse resistance within your prospect and truly appeals to their wants and needs.

This is how you get people to convert.

You have to get to know what your prospect is truly looking for and then OFFER them that.

Leads don’t want most of the crap that I see people offering them on Facebook. You’ve got to engage with your prospects and get into their mindset of what they’re looking for.

The Double Lead Concept

What’s the value of a fan? We always talk of the VALUE of building the list. There’s huge value in building up your fan base. When they click the ‘Like’ button your are tapping into their network as well = EXPLOSIVE GROWTH.

We’re telling you that building a following on Facebook so that you can tap through virally into other people’s networks. We’ve figured out we needed to target people with our fan page.

A look at an advert:

“Click ‘Like’ to start networking your DubLi biz with the coolest group of networkers around”

The advertisement is not selling anything but the opportunity to come hang out with us.

We’re telling people to take the action of clicking ‘Like’ right from the advertisement.

A classic CTA [Call To Action].

When people click ‘Like’ on the Ad immediately they become a fan of our network straight to the customised fan page.

Step 1. Click the ‘Like’ Button

Step 2. Click To Download FREE Report

(report = lead magnet) Send them to a capture/squeeze page and get added to our data base.

We have now secured 2 ASSETS

A fan page and an Auto-responder lead.

Check out the consistency and mindset behind why this Advertising process works so well:

People never like to be sold, RIGHT?

They LOVE to buy. They love to get it when they want to get it and they think it was their idea to get it.

We’re selling the ‘Like’, we’re selling the ‘Click’ to get the report, then we’re selling the report again (capture page).

The consistency here is so powerful.

Its an absolutely magical, stunningly powerful way to make money, get leads and convert your leads better than everybody else because we’re really going deep into the psychology of marketing processes here.

Now here comes the little Ninja trick that so many people who don’t have fan pages who haven’t really started utilising Facebook to even a fraction of its potential yet.

Every single fan that you are getting is essentially connected via an opt-in list. You have the ability to email every lead that has opted-in to your fan page via ‘send an update’ function.

Its not like email, everybody checks their messages, everybody is clued into their messages because its a social environment and its a social atmosphere. You are basing your strategy on Facebook around creating the fan page as your central hub for what you are branding yourself.

You’re creating a mini micro-niche celebrity like following. You’ve got the ability to build relationships with all your prospects plus having the fan is now equivalent to having an opt-in list on Facebook.

When you factor-in as Facebook Commission Hero Review & Secret Link to Discount Page goes from 500Million users to 1Billion users and surpasses Google’s traffic, the people who are establishing this presence and establishing this brand right now are going to be positioned to create WEALTH on Facebook.

You can be able to do all the marketing and advertising you really need for your business in a way that’s more powerful than really anything I’ve seen before as far as lead generation, social media, personal branding, all integrated in one place. There’s never really been anything like this and we are really just getting started on our journey to financial success working from home.

Its really important to remember that you’re communicating differently. You’re communicating differently with the person through Facebook. This is where a lot of people will go wrong. Get ‘You’ into the mindset of how to market to your fans and how to market on Facebook in general.

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