Professional Writers – Do You Really Save Money When You Replace Writers With Software

t’s true that software packages can replace a human element in some areas of business and tasks. It’s true that sometimes a program can even be superior because there are fewer chances of error. private label seo software But in terms of the written word, can software packages replace writers? There are writing software packages that can pull together articles and spin around articles and do a bit of rewriting of private label (PLR) content. Should you use these services instead of shelling out for a professional website content writing service?

The answer is a resounding, “No”. Not if you want high quality content that’s readable by search engines and by people. Some of the software packages available can be a bit helpful but they need so much intervention that it can be frustrating and time consuming to use them and it definitely won’t get you better results than that of a professional copywriter who knows about copy, about sales and about search engine optimization.

Copywriting: It’s More Than Simple Grammar

An experienced and talented online content writing specialist can do more than string grammatically correct sentences together. That person can get their finger on the pulse of your business and truly understand what it is that your target audience is after. They can take your vision and bring it to fruition on paper. That person can talk to you and understand what your long term and short term goals are. There isn’t a software package on the planet that’s intuitive enough to do that.

SEO is About Readability for Humans and SEO Spiders

Not only do you need to esthetically please the search engines with keyword density, latent semantic indexing, long tail SEO words and the right meta data but you need to be sure that once people actually arrive on your website that the website content will be compelling and human enough for them to want to buy what you are planning to sell.

Many people try to use software packages to rewrite private label content articles, thinking that simple synonyms will suffice for fooling Google’s duplicate content filter. That might not be nearly enough to assure you of success. Instead, consider hiring a professional who understands how to sell something to people while giving the search engines what the search engines want.

In terms of web site building, if you build it they might come because the right keyword density is in place but they won’t be too likely to buy a thing unless you convince them through effective copy written by a talented professional.

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