Patch Collecting Has Been Around For Years

The summer months is motorcycle time in the USA, with rallies popping up in a number of places all over the country. This is a fantastic time to take advantage of patch collecting by following the biker circuit because you can swap and purchase numerous patches at this time. When winter comes, and the bikes go in the garage for a few months, that’s the perfect time to pull out your patch collection and organize it a bit more.

Patch collecting is an old hobby despite the fact that we typically think of embroidered patches as a relatively new phenomenon. Actually, patches go back thousands of years to the traditional cultures of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Some of the earliest patches ever discovered were from ancient Chinese dynasties that most of us have never heard of. Patches like this were used for identification and were stunning works of embroidery.

How Patches are Connected to the Military

Historians believe it’s quite possible that the idea of embroidered patches was originally developed for military identification. A warrior could be identified by his group as a result of patch he wore. As armies became more sophisticated through the years, so did their embroidered patches. In the modern army today, people can be identified by the patches they wear which signify what their rank is and what division, brigade or special unit they are a member of.

There’ve been people collecting patches for as long as they’ve been in existence. It’s possible to see how important patches are from a collectors point of view when you consider that there have been a few collections of military patches found from ancient cultures. It’s no surprise that so many patch collectors these days like to devote one section to military patches.

Bike Rally Patches

Also imperative to any sizable patch collection is the category of bike rally patches. As already mentioned, the summer months sees many different bike rallies happening all over the states but also in other parts of the world including Europe, Canada and Australia. The custom patches no minimum way that patches have their own importance in the military, motor bike clubs also use them as a means of designation. The patches that motor cycle clubs use these days will denote not only rank and position within the club but also the club that the biker belongs to.

You can find many bikers who will buy a patch from every rally that they go to. They do so not only to make identification with that rally, but also to collect and swap with other collectors. You might even find that some museums will have sections on patches in their display just like the museum in Sturgis, SD. It would be rare to find a patch collection that did not have a section of bike rally patches in addition to military patches.

One of the good things about collecting patches is the fact that you don’t even have to be a biker. Provided you might have a passion for patches and a few dollars to spend, then you will get started. You could start swapping with others as soon as you have a couple of dozen patches in your collection.

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