Pallet Storage Racks – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Pallet storage racks are designed to effectively store pallets. You can get these racks in different sizes from medium to large ones. Some racks can even easily hold hundreds of pallets industrial singapore pallets and sound. They are simply one of the best and most effective ways to manage space in warehouses. Apart from the different sizes, they are also available in different types like light and heavy duty racks, open and closed rack systems, carpet racks etc.

Pallet rack systems and pallet rack shelving are just what you need to keep your pallets safe and sound. Depending on the way you see fit, you can arrange the various racks accordingly in your warehouse to save the most amount of space. This is because every industrial application or area will have a different purpose and need for these racks. If the standard sizes don’t work for you, you can get them designed to meet your specific requirements. The only thing you need to make sure is that they are strong and safe. They have to able to survive even in extreme conditions.

Heavy duty pallet racks are very strong and can successfully resist any forklift damages from occurring. They can also hold heavy loads and survive in harsh environments. Most of these racks are open and therefore easily accessible from all sides. You can place the pallets either individually or you can have them stacked on top of each other before putting them on the racks. You can even get mobile racks that have small wheels if you need to move the rack around from one spot to another.

A Pallet flow rack can help you to save storage space and enable easy accessibility to the pallets especially when they have to be unloaded. This type of rack uses a static rack structure, flow rails and a roller system at a declining angle to enable easy accessibility to the pallets. This rack system uses mechanical brakes to keep the pallets in place on the flow tracks. There are many benefits gained by using this system. It increases productivity and enables an orderly traffic rate. It can also help in reducing handling costs as moving the pallets don’t require any electricity.

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