Limitations of Virtual Credit Cards

These days a lot of things are available with the click of a mouse. Life is made very convenient. At the same time, the risks of identity fraud and financial loss are associated with such online transactions.

If you are concerned about using your credit card for making online purchases, there is a good alternative for you. You can use a virtual credit card and be rest assured about the security. Such credit cards exist only virtually. There is no plastic piece representing your ownership. Even though somebody captures your credit card number from an online transaction, it is of no benefit to the person capturing it. The number given by you is valid only for one time use. Also the number expires in a short period of one or two months (sometimes in a few days).

It provides protection to your CVV shop identity also. So your personal or financial information is always safe. These are the main reasons why these cards are popular.

However, such credit cards have their own limitations. First of all, these cards are useful for online transactions only. So they cannot be used offline.

Such cards need to be purchased by putting in your money. So they are not credit cards in real terms. At the most they can be called prepaid cards.

As these cards are set to expire within a limited period, they cannot be used for transactions which take a longer time for processing. If you want to book a concert or book an air-ticket online, such cards may not be of use. If you’re ordering items like books or CDs, the transactions will have to be open for a longer time. For all these transactions, only a regular credit card is accepted.

Generally virtual credit cards are issued with a fixed denomination value.  So you can load the credit amount only one time.  These cards are not re-loadable. As such, it is advisable to use this entire money in one transaction. If there is a leftover, that money is not usable afterwords.

These cards are used for making internet purchases only. When you are required to produce actual plastic credit card for a transaction, there is no use of these cards. You can’t get online statement when you use such card.

With all these limitations, virtual credit cards are still a very good way of paying online.  If you are purchasing regularly online, you can do so with more security and confidence with the help of these cards.

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