Keys to an Effective Dental Website – Make the Best First Impression

As more and more attention moves from the phone book to the internet, a dental website is essential for the health of your practice. They are affordable, versatile and can reach a precisely targeted population for a fraction of the cost of print advertising. However, remember that launching a website is really just the beginning; Web Design Ottawa simply having online presence does not bring in new patients. It is important to consider the message that your website conveys because it is a direct representation of your office, and will show potential patients what they can expect. It is extremely important to make a professional and effective first impression in order to convert internet browsers into patients.

A recent study at Ottawa’s Carleton University found that web surfers form an impression of a site’s visual value in 50-100 milliseconds. Consider these key visual values to help you make an outstanding and permanent impression of your practice.

Logo- Just like any other industry, your branding helps to set you apart from other dentists in the area. A logo should embody your practice and will be a direct representation of your organization. Make sure that all office material, including your website, letterheads, envelopes, and pamphlets, include your logo and branding.

Positioning Elements – The eye is trained to read left to right, and top to bottom. Generally speaking, we are trained to scan a website in a similar fashion. Help your viewers navigate through important elements by placing them in prominent locations, such as at the top of the page. Important elements can include logo, contact information, navigation and emergency information.

Continuity of design – Treat your website like a package with each web page as part of the whole. Use similar colors, fonts, and photos on every web page to create a cohesive feeling and reinforce your office’s personality. Avoid visual distractions such as using a different background image on every page. Also, use one main layout with the logo, navigation, and content in to same location throughout. This will help web users easily find information no matter what web page they are on. Predictable can be good!

Scannable Information – According to Sun Microsystems, seventy-nine percent of web users scan pages rather than read word-by-word. Make your page easy to scan by using short, descriptive headlines to describe the content of the page as well as smaller descriptive subheads to break up large blocks of text. Make your subheads approximately the same size as the content but bold so they stand out. Also highlight keywords and important information to quickly convey your message and to help a reader find points of interest. Avoid highlighting the same terms throughout your website, such as your company name, and instead focus on pulling out the words that describe the content on that particular page. Just be careful not to use the color blue to make words stand out, as this is the same color commonly used for links.

Use your website to help you make a professional first impression, without even face-to-face contact! These are important factors when creating your website, but can also be applied to dental websites in need of a ‘facelift’. It’s not too late to turn your site into a marketing machine.

Is your website visually friendly?
-Does your design and logo create a strong image of your practice throughout your website?
-Does your website embody the values and goals of your company?
-Will users be able to quickly find important pieces of information?
-Do you use headlines and bold font to help your reader navigate through important terms?

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