Jungle Murals on a Budget – Bringing the Wild Side, Inside!

Jungle Murals are a popular decor theme these days for nurseries, boys rooms or playrooms! And why not! What little boy, or girl, doesn’t love the adventure of the jungle!

Maybe you’re looking to decorate your first nursery, or maybe you’re ready to Re-Do your nursery to match your child’s growing interests in Jungles and Animals and everything Dangerous! Maybe you have a plush budget for your decorating project or maybe you’re working on a “shoestring”. Perhaps you have plenty of time to invest into this decor project or maybe time is NOT a luxury you have! Jungle Boys Dispensary

The truth is, we all start in different places when it comes to decorating. Whatever your situation is; this article will open your eyes to see that you can have a gorgeous jungle mural without being an artist and without breaking your piggy bank! As well, we have an option that is perfect for the decorator who’s feeling the pinch of time.

So let’s get started! The first option I want to introduce you to are mural stencils! These are a fabulous way to create a full room mural – meaning all the walls or as many as you want.

You start with a base coat on your walls that is light or neutral. Perhaps you want to do a light blue to symbolize the sky. Then with a piece of chalk outline some rolling hills on your walls. Don’t’ sweat this step. If for any reason you don’t like what you’ve sketched, simply wipe off the chalk and start over! It is also a good idea to sketch in, with the chalk, where your furniture will be. This way your hard work won’t be covered up by the bigger pieces of furniture in the room.

Now with a paint roller, roll the edge of your roller along the chalk lines to create some grassy looking hills on your walls. Let this all dry completely! Now you’re ready for the fun part!

Most mural stencils are self adhesive, meaning they stick to the wall without any extra taping. So, peel off your stencil and place it on the wall. Press the edges of the stencil so you won’t get any paint “bleeding” under your stencil. Using a sponge brush, gently apply two thin coats of your desired paint color. I suggest using regular acrylic stencil paints, which can easily be found at any local craft store. Once you’re done painting the inside of your stencil, peel off the stencil and allow the paint to dry.

I suggest you start with the biggest objects in your mural stencil kit first, like the trees. Now keep adding in all the animals, birds and foliage until you’ve created the wild jungle of your dreams! You can use and reuse each stencil as often as you want! It is best to layer your objects and allow some of them to overlap each other. This creates a more three dimensional effect in your mural.

This really is so much fun! And truly anybody can do it! What’s to fear? If you mess up; paint over it! You can expect to get semi-addicted… its that much fun! So for a $100 you can create a one-of -a-kind jungle mural that brings the wild side… inside!

Our second option is similar to the first but they’re not stencils. It’s a paint by number wall mural kit! Remember, as a kid, how you used to get that little row of paints that was numbered and the numbers correlated with the numbers on your painting paper? Well, this is the same idea, except for your walls!

These jungle murals are mainly for one wall. They’re big, though, and create an adorable focal point for the room. You can also use sections of the mural in other areas of the room, like as door huggers or bed framers. When you buy paint by number wall murals, you’ll receive panels of paper that have the printed image of the mural on it. You’ll also receive carbon paper for tracing and a list of paint colors to purchase at your local craft store.

The process of painting this mural is done in three steps. First you tape the carbon paper to the back of your panels of paper. Then tape the panels of paper onto the desired area of your wall that you want to paint the mural. Its best to do some measuring first, so you don’t end up with a mural that’s off center.

Now, using a ball point pen, trace over the lines of the printed mural. This will transfer the image to your wall through the carbon paper.

Each area of the mural is numbered, and the numbers correlate with a specific paint color. Your last step is to use the appropriate color to paint in your mural. You can use sponge brushes or art brushes. It’s that simple!

A few tips before you start this jungle mural. The mural shows up best on light colored walls; white, cream, pastels. And if you want to protect your finished jungle mural, you can apply a coat of Clear Coat for Indoor use. This should be applied with a roller to the whole mural. If you skip an area, you’ll know it, because the clear coat gives the mural a darker, glossy finish. So, be careful to not make any skippers.

The stencil murals and the paint by number wall murals are not for those who are under a time crunch. You can expect these jungle murals to take you the better part of a weekend to complete. However, the saying remains, “Many hands make like work”!

Now, for those who still want to bring the wild side, inside, but don’t have time for a weekend warrior project. You’re going to love this! You can create the appearance of a painted mural on your wall using giant childrens wall stickers. They’re ingenious!

Paint your walls. Allow them to dry. Then simply peel off the vinyl decals and stick them to your walls. That’s it! In minutes you can create a mural and beautiful focal point to your child’s room! No brushes, No Mess, No Hassle! Obviously, you are limited to the number of decals you purchase, unlike the ability of the stencils and paint by number kits to use and reuse until you’ve created a giant mural. But, if you’re looking for something stylish, but simple and fast…. This is the option for you! The other great advantage to these giant childrens stickers is they are removable and repositionable. Maybe you don’t want the gangly giraffe towering over the crib anymore, simply move him to a better spot in the room. These decals are meant to last for years!

I hope you’ve found this article helpful and won’t let your lack of artistic ability hold you back from bringing the wild side, inside… with your own one-of-a-kind jungle mural. All the options that I mentioned in this article are truly under $100! Now that deserves a big ol’ jungle ROAR!

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