How to Hang a Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Display Banner

Without knowing specifically what you’re hanging other than a banner, I’ll give you a few ideas and hopefully one of them will work for you. magnet fishing rope

If you have a standard dye sub printed fabric banner, and it has grommets in the upper corners, and perhaps in the lower corners, one can possibly use screws and fender washers to hang the banner on a wall or a ceiling, although this is not the ideal way to hang a fabric banner. Ideally, you’ll have purchased your banner(s) with at least pole pockets on the top edge, and preferably on both the top and bottom sides.

A pole pocket is a horizontal pocket sewn into the edge(s) of a banner, most often on the top and bottom, but sometimes on the sides as well, depending on the hanging or mounting apparatus.

The way this pocket is utilized is by sliding a rigid or semi-rigid pole through the pocket, then attaching eye bolts or similar to the ends of the pole, and affixing it to the ceiling or roof structure as available. If it is a light-weight banner, fishing line can be used, or string. If it is very large and heavier, then light rope or chain is a better option as you don’t want your banner structure to come crashing down on some shopper’s head!

There are also hanging structures for fabric banners that are circle, square, or rectangle shapes that also hang from the ceiling with string as well. These tension type frames are used frequently in trade shows or retail environments.

As far as lighting your hanging signs, with hanging banners, they can be front lighted with spot light type lighting, and in the case of the hanging structures, a light fixture could be attached to give the graphic a back-lighted look, although probably not necessary in most environments that are already well-lighted.

Most fabric banners are fairly simple to hang, though, and can be hung with or without much hardware, although as I said before, a pole running through a pole pocket will make the banner hang straight with no wrinkles, especially if weighted with a pole in the bottom pocket. In some instances, you may want to have a nice rippling effect as the interior airflow causes the banner to move.

Another way fabric banners are hung is on tradeshow displays. Usually stretchable polyester fabrics are used for this type of display and attached with velcro or magnetic strips. Pull up banner stands, also known as roll up banner stands or retractable banner stands are also an attractive way to exhibit a fabric banner.

Finally, for either interior or exterior use, feather banners and teardrop banners are often used with dye sublimation printed fabrics. These banners can either be stuck into the ground with a spike base or placed on the ground with a cross base and a “water donut” that provides weight and stability for the flag, particularly on hard surfaces.

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