Eating Six Times a Day For Optimal Fat Loss

One of the most basic nutrition techniques used to expedite fat loss is eating small, frequent meals throughout the day. The effect of eating six portioned meals every 2-3 hours is so beneficial, yet so many people trying to drop body fat are completely oblivious to the concept of meal frequency.

Eating six times a day will make you much less hungry, will give you more energy, and will greatly increase fat loss all while eating a calorie restricted diet. It takes tons of discipline and a commitment to planning, but if you can successfully incorporate this technique it into your nutrition plan, you will surely see some amazing results.

To further understand the benefits (and challenges) of eating six times a day, let’s first take a look the common meal frequency of most people and why it can severely cripple the results of any fat loss nutrition plan.

How most people eat…

Most people eat no more than 3 times during a day. Sometimes people only eat twice (usually because they skip breakfast). A not too unusual eating day for many is a modest sized lunched followed many hours later by an extravagantly large dinner with maybe a couple servings of dessert and/or junk food right before bed.

To understand why this is such as bad thing, first you must wrap your head around an interesting facet of your body’s adaptive metabolic processWhen you eat really large meals, your body has little ability to process the large intake of calories all at once and the majority of each meal gets stored as fat (as energy reserves). After a large meal your blood sugar is also spiked greatly, but then comes down to a normal level quickly. After a few more hours of not eating you blood sugar drops to a low level, so you begin to feel lethargic and often you start feeling very hungry again.

Now when you combine this sort of an eating routine with a “calorie restricted diet” the results can be disastrous. Since you are eating a less amount of calories very infrequently, your body’s blood sugar levels are low almost the entire day. You feel extremely lethargic and extremely hungry almost all the time. To counteract this, your body gradually falls into a “starvation mode” where the 먹튀검증커뮤니티 entire metabolic process slows down substantially. Instead of burning fat, your body protects it as a vital energy reserve and burns other sources of fuel (like your muscle tissue) in much larger proportion.

What your left with is a diet that puts you through periods of extreme lethargy and great bouts of hunger and a body that has decreased metabolism and a glaring inefficiency at burning fat. Yikes.

Why you should eat six times a day…

Now compare that to what happens when you eat six portioned meals throughout the day. When you eat this way, your body is constantly being fed the nutrients it needs, and your blood sugar level will remain relatively constant throughout the day . When this happens, your energy levels stay high all the time, and your hunger is thoroughly minimized.

Also, since you are not feeling the effects of a dreaded metabolic decrease from “starvation mode” your metabolism stays at a very high and efficient level. With your meals small and portioned, virtually all of the calories you intake are being used to support your body’s processes with very little, if any at all, being stored as extra fat.

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