Eating Should Be a Natural Thing to Do

The reason I started my Natural Eating Business in 2009, was because I realised that so many people had issues with food, weight loss and body image but they didn’t realise it themselves. It is not natural or normal to:

  1. Constantly watch what you eat
  2. Deprive yourself of your favourite foods
  3. Eat when you are not hungry
  4. Exercise so you don’t have to worry about how much you eat
  5. Count points
  6. Weigh yourself everyday
  7. Worry constantly about what you can and can’t eat.
  8. Not be able to stop when you open a packet of biscuits/chocolate or chippies.

Eating is a basic body function, just like breathing. We don’t even think about breathing, we just breathe. Just like going to the toilet. You feel the urge, you go, stop when you’ve finished and then carry on with something else. Eating should be exactly the same. We 먹튀검증사이트 should notice we’re hungry, eat what we want, stop when we’re satisfied and then carry on with something else. It should be a completely natural practice and for naturally thin people it is. So why isn’t it for most of us?

This is because there is now so much emotion tied up in food. We eat for comfort, to make ourselves feel better in the moment. Unfortunately it is only ever a short term feeling before we then hit ourselves with the guilt and decide that we’ve blown it now so we may as well over indulge, and on and on the cycle goes.

By learning to eat naturally we simply change our mindset so that when we are hungry we eat, when we’re not we don’t. We now have positive associations with food instead of negative ones. Food is not good or bad and we are not naughty for enjoying our favourite foods. If we need comfort, instead of blocking it out with food, we find something positive to do instead. The key to eating naturally is to get enjoyment and satisfaction from food, and then we can stop. If we’re eating what we think we “should”, we will never be satisfied so ironically we will often over indulge or eat what we really want later on.

Another key to eating naturally is to stop and acknowledge the emotion. If we actually realise that we are lonely, bored, angry, disappointed or sad, then we can do something about it, instead of turning to food. So eventually when we are hungry we eat, when we’re not we are doing something positive instead.

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