Cafe World – What Exactly is the Cafe World Game?

Cafe World is a fun simulation game that allows players a chance to run their own cafes online, playing with their friends and co-workers. It’s completely free to play, and is played as an application on Facebook, allowing players to share their cafe with all of their Facebook friends. Friends can visit the player’s cafe and leave a tip, earning both the player and the visitor experience and game money. As players gain experience, they can upgrade their cafe, buy new furniture or decorations, and access new recipes to serve in their cafe.

New players may want to read a Cafe World guide to get a quick explanation of how to best level up their cafe. Each player starts out with a small cafe, a stove to cook on, a counter top to serve the food on, and two tables with chairs. They also get a little in game money to buy more furniture, or to cover the cost of cooking.

Cooking a dish costs money, and takes a specific amount of time to prepare. Some dishes takes only 5 minutes, while others take 3 days. The dishes continue to cook, even when you’re not playing, but will spoil if not served shortly after being completed. Finished dishes Jamaican recipes are served by being moved to the counter, where a waiter will bring them to the customer. When the customer has finished their meal, they pay and leave.

Some dishes offer more profit than others. The best dishes also depend on how often you can check on your cafe. Players who can’t visit every 15 minutes all day long will want to cook the dishes that take hours to finish, while constant players will want to stick to dishes that are 10 minutes and under. A Cafe World guide explains the best dishes for making money or experience, and offers tips and tricks for keeping your counters full of food and your customers happy. As the player gains experience and game money, they can make their cafe larger, add more stoves and counter tops, add more furniture and decorations, and hire more of their friends to work in their cafe.

Players can also buy Cafe Cash, game money bought with real world money, to grow their cafe faster and to access special bonuses. A good Cafe World guide can teach players which bonuses are worth the money, and which aren’t worth anything. Cafe World Is fun and… it’s really addicting!

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