A DICOM Viewer Makes For an Optimal Workstation

DICOM viewers are very popular at orthopedic, chiropractic, veterinary, radiology, dental and podiatry offices, as well as hospitals. A DICOM viewer allows you to look at digital images from a computer screen. Using digital images opens up a wealth of benefits for your medical practice, and it is all made possible by using a DICOM viewer.

PACS, or picture archiving and communications systems, have been used by large hospitals for quite a while. They were costly to purchase, and thus tended to stay in the realm of large medical facilities with budgets that could afford them.

This is not the case today. Smaller clinics and medical offices can now afford the versatility and ease of PACS and a DICOM viewer. Digital images are of the highest quality and resolution, and they are quick to take. They do not require costly photo chemicals in timeviewer to develop the images; instead, you can enjoy instantaneous imaging and viewing with DICOM viewers.

Digital medical monitors are also useful in terms of storing and retrieving images. They work in this regard like your office PC. You can store digital images on a server that literally takes up inches of space. If these were traditional film images, they would take up vast storerooms and file cabinets to contain them. Digital images are also easily retrieved on medical monitors. Type in the patient’s name, and they are brought up in seconds on DICOM viewers. Errors in misfiling patient images are greatly reduced through the use of digital medical monitors, and thus you can provide better patient care in this regard.

An efilm workstation will also allow you to distribute digital images easily. Digital images can be shared with other health professionals who have DICOM viewers regardless of where they are located worldwide. In this manner, a DICOM viewer allows you to consult with the best diagnosticians anywhere there is Internet access in a timely manner.

Digital medical monitors also provide you with a means for adjusting digital images. You can rotate images, zoom in and take measurements accurately and easily with digital images. These monitors also enable you to look at multiple images simultaneously, so that you can make comparisons and contrasts among images. Patient care is enhanced, because you can take a more refined look at their digital images very quickly, aiding in more accurate diagnoses.

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