6 Vital Factors to Succeeding With Your MLM

So many people ask, “How do I succeed with My MLM?” To which I would reply, “Are you just asking, or do you really want to know?” I ask this because questions are what shape the decisions we make and therefore our destiny. Our internal questions that we ask on a daily basis are what create our experience. What questions occupy your mind daily?

Two of my favorite quotes are from one of our Keynote Speakers from the North American Launch, T. Harv Eker. “My inner world creates my outer world,” and, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

If you want to really know how to succeed with Your MLM, it’s simple. Many believe that knowledge is power, BUT knowledge is only potential power. There are so many people that know what to do, but never do it. The real question is, “Are you willing to do what you need to be successful?” There is no secret to being successful in Your MLM, because success leaves clues.

In fact, there are 6 Vital Factors to success that are easily explained below. If you take action on these 6 Vital Factors, and incorporate them into your inner world, your outer world will soon reflect the same.

Vital Factor #1 – Your Mindset
Vital Factor #2 – Your Strategy
Vital Factor #3 – Your Product Knowledge
Vital Factor #4 – Your Posture
Vital Factor #5 – Your Approach
Vital Factor #6 – Your Word

Vital Factor #1 – Your Mindset

If you do not start here and get crystal clear on what thoughts dominate your mind, then you will never get to the rest of the Vital Factors.

Why? Because mindset is the first thing that takes people out of the game. Thoughts like, ‘they have missed the boat, or that there is not enough out there for everyone, or they do not believe in what they are doing.’ If there is a chink in the armor of your mind, then the first time you receive criticism or doubt, your mind will take over and you will find yourself avoiding the actions necessary to move forward.

You have to clean up your thoughts and tame your mind. I say ‘tame’ because you will never control your mind. Our mind defaults to protecting us from experiencing pain, so anytime our mind thinks that something could be painful, it does whatever it takes to protect us. The number one pain for most of us is the idea of failure. No one wants to be a failure, and the surefire way of never failing is to never do anything, or become the world’s biggest skeptic. Yes, that’s right, skepticism is our mind’s BEST protection.

When we catch our mind being a skeptic, we should “thank” our minds for doing its job and then push through the idea of failing. Honestly, the only true failure is giving up, right?

Remember though, cleaning up your mind’s thoughts is like tuning a piano. You do not just tune it up once, but rather you have to constantly tune it up because the more it is used, the more chance it has of being out of tune. For example, when I worked for Tony Robbins, I was giving 3-4 seminars a day and receiving a lot of rejection and self-doubt. So, during those two years, I listened to his tapes and other tapes every Vitalflow single day – even when I slept! I needed a major overhaul and I had to keep everything in tune! And, I only realized how bad it was once I started to listen. The great news is that I became his #1 trainer!

Vital Factor #2 – Your Strategy

All things successful have a strategy behind them. A strategy is nothing more than a recipe that you can look at when things don’t seem right, or get tough.

Are there different recipes that can make chocolate chip cookies? Absolutely! There are many ways to get what you want, but there are core ingredients. You cannot have chocolate chip cookies without any chocolate chips.

In Your MLM, you need to work with your local leaders or upline to work a strategy that works for you and your market.

The simplest strategy with Your MLM on an international level is to demo the product and then share the opportunity. Notice that I said ‘demo’ and not ‘share’ the product. To me, a ‘demo’ is to demonstrate, and ‘share’ is to talk about. You must demonstrate our technology to the layperson.

Vital Factor #3 – Your Product Knowledge

If someone challenges your product, do you run and hide, or are you confident in their abilities?

When I refer to product knowledge, I am referring to knowing your products work and how to use or demonstrate them. To be successful in Your MLM, you do not have to be the product expert with all of the answers to how and why something works, because that will come with time. Also, you will never have all of the answers, so why delay your activity?

In order to have the bulletproof product knowledge to build this business, you must be demonstrating the products on a daily basis. Again, this is targeted for those that want to be successful and earn a full-time income with Your MLM. The top leaders eat, breathe, sleep and live Your MLM and the products! Period!

Vital Factor #4 – Your Posture

Posture is how you carry yourself when dealing with others.

Do you speak with confidence? Do you show up on time? Are you dressed in a professional manner? Do you follow up? Do you deliver on your promises? All these things create your posture, and the perception people have of you is based upon them.

Have you ever heard this expression before? “Fake it until you make it!” It was coined because success attracts more success. However, I like to refer to this as ‘modeling.’ When you are out in the field working Your MLM, surveys show that people would like to see that you are on the road to success through your behaviors and actions, simply because everyone wants to follow a leader when going into business.

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